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    Can you relate?

    In your organization, are you asked to do more with less? Putting in overtime to meet deadlines? Does it feel like there has to be a better way?

    Is your team drowning in paperwork? Do you spend hours each day on monotonous, repetitive tasks?

    If any of these sound painfully familiar, the free resources & tools on our website might be exactly what will lower your blood pressure.

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    "What you did in 30 seconds used to take us weeks!"

    Discover how you and your organization can get EVERYTHING you can out of all the resources you already have. No new hires or expensive computer systems necessary.

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    Technology doesn't always make things easier.

    That's why you don’t have to be an efficiency expert or “techie” to take advantage of our software to increase your output AND cut costs.

    The systems and databases we build run "behind the scenes" so you can focus EXCLUSIVELY on getting things done in your organization.

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    Can you imagine...

    The day when your team's offices are no longer overrun by stacks of paper, mail, bills, statements, and other documents galore?

    The day when desks can once again be spaces for actually enjoying work and getting things done on time?

    The day when your organization is happily drowning in profits, not paperwork?

We work with businesses, nonprofits, universities, and government agencies that have to manage extremely complex data at the speed of the 21st century. Do our clients’ situations sound familiar?

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Wray, the campus housing director

who had to rely on cumbersome, paper-driven filing systems to keep track of decades' worth of tenant and maintenance records.

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Shelley, the nonprofit executive director

whose cluttered database of donor data required hours of line-by-line quadruple-checking to guarantee accuracy.

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Lori, the government agency director

who faced imminent layoffs of dozens of employees because paper-driven processes had turned her team's flow of productivity into a tiny trickle.

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What Clients Are Saying

"John Herzog built databases for us that solved BIG problems in our organization. The great thing about John is that, with his knowledge and experience designing custom databases, he provided us exactly what we needed. Not just for right now, but for the future. We've calculated that John’s databases save us between $5,000 and $6,000 every single year." ~ Wray VanVoorhis, Wright State University Resident Services

"With all the junk in our old, cluttered database of donors and donation information, I didn’t know how to get the reports I needed for our board and donors. I just wanted to click the mouse once and get the information I needed. When John came in, he rebuilt the database for us from the ground-up so that it fits exactly what we need in our organization right now." ~ Tami Carter, Donor Services & Events Director, The Nehemiah Foundation

"Before John Herzog, everything we did to keep things running around here was moving files, sorting paper forms, and rummaging through folders. John built a database that automated these basic functions that took so much time. Thanks to his database, we’ve reduced our staff’s workload significantly. They’re efficient, happier, and get a lot more stuff done. And we have NOT had to lay anyone off either." ~ Lori Torriero, Assistant Director, Franklin County Child Support

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