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Why Herzog & Associates Exists:

To solve, once and for all, the BIG problems that hold our clients back from doing the work they do best.

The facts about these problems’ symptoms are sobering . . .


  • The average executive loses 1 hour of productivity per day searching for missing information.

  • 80% of every organization’s critical operations-related data is recorded only on paper.

  • 60% of the average office workers’ day is wasted searching for information.

  • 45% of actual labor costs are tied directly to employees searching for missing or misfiled data.

  • Over 10% of all documents in a business are either filed away in the wrong place or are completely lost.

  • The average office professional spends nearly 16 hours a week searching for and organizing job-related information.

  • The average professional wastes 3.5 hours a week searching for (but never finding) information they need to do their job properly, followed by another 3 hours wasted recreating data that was lost or misfiled. That same person then wastes yet another 6 hours per week trying to reformat the information they searched for!

*Data compiled by the National Association of Professional Organizations, CAP Venture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and the International Data Company.


In terms of dollars, cents, and sanity, how much is data inefficiency costing organizations large and small?

  • Maybe some of these statistics made you think of a colleague who is facing challenges just like these. . .with no end in sight.


As a business owner, nonprofit director, or department lead,

it can feel overwhelming to manage the extremely complex data that is the lifeblood of your organization. . .especially when you have to rely on paper-based files and forms or tedious, time-draining processes.


sleezyMany so-called efficiency experts out there seem to have cure-all solutions based on very expensive software or a complete (and unrealistic) overhaul of the way you do things, like “going totally paperless.”

Yet when you’re forced to do more with less in your organization, you’re left begging for real answers to frustrations like:

  • “I see my team shuffling papers around all day and spending hours on data entry and forms, and it frustrates the $%&# out of me. There has to be a better way than doing it by hand.”

  • “Our days get eaten up by monotonous tasks. We put in extra hours just to stay on top of things. Then leadership talks about budget cuts!? It’s just not fair.”

  • “When I need access to data for a report, I need it now. I don’t have time to ask half the office or scan old databases one line at a time.”

Are you currently wrestling with these challenges, or ones like them?


If you’d like to get your time, energy, and sanity back, a complimentary consultation with Team Herzog might be something you find value from. For now, why not check out . . .

“John Herzog’s databases have saved us $6,000 a year and countless hours every week,” and more success stories of organizations who knew there had to be a better, easier way.