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How the click of a mouse can keep American jobs from being shipped overseas


Which is more efficient for inventory? Going shelf by shelf and using a paper and pencil to manage a checklist, or having everything in a database that allows you to see the entire inventory all at once? It’s a click of the mouse versus sending people down to the warehouse day after day, hour after hour, to look stuff up. With databases, employees can go onto their computer screens, and their computers all see the same thing. No more walking all the way across the machine shop and shuffling papers and folders around. These blue-collar companies have all been doing business in the dark ages. We are more technologically advanced, yet the manufacturing world doesn’t use it—and union shops fight it. We want these companies to stay in business and increase output for the same costs! Japan, Korea, China, and Germany are finding ways to exponentially increase each employee’s productivity through American database software. If I can make 1000 units for $1000 in 1 hour, and we can make 3000 units for $1000 in 1 hour, nobody lost their jobs. Plus, we can outcompete foreign factories! Implementing systems and processes doesn’t put people out of business; not keeping up with foreigners’ exponentially increasing productivity is what puts you out of business. Sick of shipping jobs overseas? It’s not the corporate greed or lack of regulations, it’s that American companies can’t keep up with systems-driven productivity! A lot of manufacturers issue price quotes broken down to the fourth decimal for each unit (i.e., $1.0002 versus $1.0004). It’s because these factories produce widgets in the millions and millions, so these things add up. So you can become even cheaper than foreign factories using simple databases. (1st article about manufacturing)

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