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databaseWe could use this space to go into excruciating detail about what we do and how, but…

Let’s face it, if you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have time for drawn-out explanations in the language of tech-speak.

You have to get things done in your organization at the speed of the 21st century, which means no time or energy to waste on lengthy technological gobbledygook.


Let’s get right to the good stuff.

We’re going to pull back the Team Herzog curtain to show you our formula, our “secret sauce“, for getting results like these over and over and over:


“John Herzog built databases for us that solved big problems in our organization. Even years later, the three databases John built still perfectly keep track of what needs to be kept track of. It’s efficient and easy to run reports. Each database is stable, secure, and allows for multiple users to enter and manage data. This was truly cost-effective.”

~ Wray VanVoorhis, Director, Wright State University Resident Services


“The database John Herzog built saves me-and our organization-so much time. Not only that, but everything we need from our database is completely accurate. I know I can count on the reports his database generates. No more doing the math by hand with a calculator or taking out folders from years past just to find out why a decimal is in the wrong place!”

~ Tami Carter, Director of Donor Services & Events, The Nehemiah Foundation


“Without John Herzog’s databse, we would have had to double our staff just to keep up with the exponential workload, and we had nowhere near the budget we needed to do that. Thanks to the database, we’ve been able to reduce our staff’s workload significantly. They’re efficient, happier, and-at the end of the day-get a LOT more stuff done. And we have not had to lay anyone off either.”

~ Lori Torriero, Assistant Director, Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency


Here is our simple formula for what clients gain through our services.



This process works beyond business.

  • Nonprofit organizations and government agencies have to keep costs low and cut waste in order to grow. Plus, there are more and more new requirements to “go paperless” and go digital with data and records…or else.


Whether it’s building an Access database for a blue-collar business to help them out-compete younger, international companies. . .

. . .or helping a nonprofit cut 10 different, 1-hour long administrative tasks down to just 1 that takes a mere 30 seconds, we are obsessed with doing whatever it takes to streamline the way you do things, simply because…


There is a better, easier, quicker, and cheaper way.