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How the click of a mouse can keep American jobs from being shipped overseas


Which is more efficient for inventory? Going shelf by shelf and using a paper and pencil to manage a checklist, or having everything in a database that allows you to see the entire inventory all at once? It’s a click of the mouse versus sending people down to the warehouse day after day, hour after […]

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The biggest myths about productivity that actually STOP us from being efficient


The biggest assumption is that just because you have technology, you’re running things as efficiently as possible. So many businesses say, “We use spreadsheets. We bought this $50k software 3 years ago. It cannot get any better than this.” When I go into these companies, I say to them, “Hey, what if I can show […]

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Asking, “Why would my organization need a database?” would be like asking, “Why does a human being need his brain to remember things?”


Have you ever calculated how much time it takes to rifle through a multitude of filing cabinets to find specific documents? Suppose it takes an employee making $20 an hour ten minutes to walk to a records room, find a particular document in a file cabinet, make a copy of the file, deliver the copy […]

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